Soliton Real Estate


Real estate, the world’s largest asset class, represents 30% of the global financial wealth.

Today’s changing real estate market dynamics as well as the volatile environment in which the real estate industry operates requires knowledge, track-record and intelligence to create a competitive advantage in the individual markets.

Challenging times bring opportunities. A lack of new construction in many markets globally will boost the performance of existing prime properties and simultaneously provide tremendous opportunities for investors and developers.

For those willing to think out of the box and who are prepared to invest in high growth markets, such as Asia, Africa and Latin America can generate more attractive returns relative to the mature markets.

Soliton Real Estate is a real estate company familiar with all elements of real estate. The partners of Soliton Holding Ltd. have collectively developed more than $US 25 billion in real estate worldwide. Soliton Real Estate therefore offers the single most important component to success: EXPERIENCE

We apply a holistic approach towards real estate development with a stringent process to create the highest value for each individual project whilst mitigating the risks. Areas of expertise:

• Financial Feasibility
• Site Acquisition
• Master Developer / Developer
• Project Management
• Design Management
• Construction Management
• Financing / Investment Management
• Marketing / Leasing / Sales
• Property and Asset Management