Soliton Holding Ltd. is engaged in trading and distribution of a wide range of  products. The Dubai based distribution division of Soliton is focused on consumer and industrial goods.  With warehouses in USA, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, Soliton Holding offers the infrastructure needed to lead brands and products to success.

Within consumer goods, we are focused on award-winning high quality products and distribute them within the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Several multinational companies are represented by Soliton Holding as their local distributor. Our success lies in selecting brands which we believe in and can dedicate too. Therefore it is our strategy to rather focus on a smaller but high quality portfolio to give every product the attention it needs. The key to success is using a multi-channel approach for all our products and not only focus on one specific sales channel. Through our broad network we ensure the successful launch of products among the whole Middle East, Africa and Asia.